.] Private Admonition of a Justice of the Peace (08/07/03)


The judge requested and received a number of pre-signed “Marriage Waivers” from a retired district judge. Exercising his discretion, the judge thereafter executed these documents in order to allow ...

Private Admonition of a District Judge (08/07/03)


On behalf of his daughter, a district judge wrote a letter of representation on official court stationery to a municipal court. In this letter, the judge entered a plea of “not guilty” for his dau...

Honorable Paul Womack

 Court of Criminal Appeals, Austin, Travis County, Texas
 CJC No. 03-0093-AP

Private Order of Additional Education of a County Judge (06/27/03)


The judge failed to follow proper procedures when he ordered the arrest of a pro se defendant following a protective order hearing, without first reading the defendant his statutory warnings, and w...

Private Admonition and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (06/27/03)


The judge berated a law enforcement officer with whom the judge dealt in an official capacity and threatened her with contempt. The judge’s actions lacked the appropriate patience, dignity and cou...

Private Admonition of a Municipal Court Judge (02/28/03)


The judge lent the prestige of his judicial office to advance his own private interest by sending a letter to two assistant district attorneys urging the imprisonment of a particular criminal defen...

Private Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (02/14/03)


The judge improperly exercised his contempt authority by failing to serve the alleged contemnors with proper legal process, and by failing to provide them with full and unambiguous notification of ...

Honorable Bennie Ochoa, III

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, Port Isabel, Cameron County, Texas
 CJC No. 03-0149-JP