.] Private Warning and Order of Additional Education of a Municipal Judge (03/23/06)


The judge failed to comply with the law and failed to maintain professional competence in the law when he granted deferred adjudication to commercial drivers license holders under Article 42.12 of ...

Private Reprimand and Order of Additional Education of a County Judge (03/07/06)


The judge, who had previously partnered with an attorney to provide legal services to a party in the administration of an estate, disqualified himself from presiding over the same heirship contest...

Private Admonition of a County Court at Law Judge (03/06/06)


The judge improperly used the prestige of his judicial office to advance the private interests of his niece and nephew by using official court letterhead to ask a federal judge for consideration in...

Honorable Manuel Ramos

 Former Municipal Court Judge, Pearsall, Frio County, Texas
 CJC No. 05-0967-MU

Private Reprimand of a Former Judge (02/03/06)


The judge made inappropriate comments to an attorney and conducted cell phone conversations during a proceeding. [Violation of Canon 3B(4) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Repriman...

Private Order of Additional Education of a Municipal Court Judge (01/26/06)


The judge allowed community service defendants to sign his name to arrest warrants issued by the court, in some instances before the filing of a probable cause affidavit or complaint, rather than a...

Private Warning and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (12/09/05).


Based on ex parte information obtained from his court clerk, the judge reinstated a criminal case after signing an order of dismissal. The judge later dismissed the case a second time. In each in...

Private Warning of a District Judge (10/21/05).


The judge failed to follow proper recusal rules and procedures in several cases where the judge’s relatives were parties in interest. [Violation of Canon 3B(1) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduc...